Thursday, June 16, 2005

Moving along!

Well, we put the house on the market on Friday and had an offer on Monday! We've now accepted it, so the sale of the London house is going forward.

Yesterday we took a look at our two short-listed properties in C.S. along with Joy and John. After a long discussion in the pub we decided on the top property and this morning we put in an offer. A short while after we got a call back, we negotiated a little and it's all settled!

So, now it's up to surveyors and solicitors. If all goes well, we'll be moving to C.S. within a couple of months.

What a relief.

Stay tuned for pictures and more information. ......

Friday, June 10, 2005

Wanna buy a house?

We put the house on the market today. We've decided not to rent it out, so now we're waiting to see if we've priced it right and if anyone will like it enough to want to buy it. I have vewry mixed feelings about this. We first moved here in 1959 - that's 46 years ago!

We visited John's school friend and his wife last weekend. They have agreed to act for us in the sale of the house, and in the purchase of the new one. This is good news as we may not be able to see the whole thing through before we have to go back to Columbus.

We spent the last few days looking for houses in C. S. We've found three that we like, but we really can't procede till we have some sort of bid on ours, so we're taking a break for a week while we wait to see if there is any interest in the house.

The weather here has been very good so far. Sunny a lot of the time, and very dry. It's so beautiful at this time of year with lots of flowers and spring-fresh foliage.

Tomorrow J. and C. arrive for their holiday. We're meeting them at the airport and we're off to the seaside for the day. We're going to introduce them to the English seaside experience - sheltering from the wind, walks on the pier, cockles, winkles and sticks of rock. Tee-hee!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Progress Update

Hi there!

Everything is fine. We've been interviewing realtors and entertaining John's sister and her husband. They've been very helpful - doing lots of work in the garden and giving us helpful advice on house hunting and car buying.

Realtors inform us that our house shows well, and they've all agreed on what price we will get. It's pretty well what we expected, but it's nice to know that our estimates are in the right ball-park. All the work of re-decorating and updating seem to have paid off.

I've had a chat with my primary school best friend - what a treat. It's been about 40 years since we were last in contact!

Now to start talking to lawyers and doing a bit of house hunting.

Stay tuned ........