Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We are still alive!

The rumour that we have disappeared off the face of the earth is grossly exaggerated! We are still here!

But we've been horribly busy:

  • I somehow volunteered to prepare the brochure for the Food Fayre. You can download a pdf of it here. The colours are not my choice - we were constrained by the Co-op who use those colours to "brand" their eco-friendly, healthy eating campaign. Brochure prep. somehow led to flyer design, power-point display construction and all sorts of other design work!
  • May was spent preparing for the opening of Scraptastic, the new craft shop at Scrappies. Click here to see photos of the preparation and the opening.
  • Early June and all of July were spent preparing for and working at the 2008 Church Stretton Arts Festival. In particular I helped with the Art Exhibition, which is a big one - 160 exhibitors, 600 art works, over 1000 visitors and over £5000 in sales. I will be the Exhibition organiser next year.
  • Late June was spent in Cucugnan with Dolly and Chris. It was a lovely restful time and we enjoyed every minute of it. I hope to post pictures and further information later.
  • Now I'm developing a new web site for the Arts Festival. This is a work in progress, but feel free to check it out.
  • John is preparing a talk on Climate Change for the Ludlow Probus group.
  • He is also still coordinating Bird Surveys for his area and is now starting on the big task of mapping the results of various surveys for the new version of the Shropshire Bird Atlas.
  • I'm now the Deputy Chair of the Steering group of the Church Stretton Partnership, I'm not sure what it means, but I have a lot of reading to do and several meetings and a conference to attend.

I've been so busy, I'm really, really tired. But I've never felt so ALIVE in all my life!

Write when you can!