Sunday, December 06, 2009

Pre-Christmas Updates

It's December already! I've been working to catch up on all sorts of indoor jobs because the weather has been too wet to go outside. Of course, I couldn't do much outside anyway since I haven't been able to kneel down for the last few weeks. That being said, my knee surgery has been quite successful. I can straighten it a lot better and I can almost do a squat now! Getting it completely bent is now the object of exercises and stretchings and then we must work on strength so that my knees are stable enough to go rough walking in the hills.

Last month I was busy making stars like those you can see in the picture above.  Each one can be made from a sheet of A4 or letter sized paper.  Or you can make a huge one by making each point from one piece of A4 or letter sized paper and joining them together.  I made one of those from white card and it's on our front door - it's the biggest snowflake you ever saw!!!!!  We're selling the shiny ones pictured above at Scrappies and I've also posted the instructions on the Scrappies web site - they're really easy to make.

John has been away in Montreal this week on his annual EPIIC meetings. I stayed here this time. I took the opportunity to live on smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and get on with my filing. I've invested in a nice new filing cabinet and I'm slowly getting my room sorted out. What a chore! I have un-filed things that have been piling up for three years!

I'm also taking the time to catch up on on all the blogs and websites.  The Arts Festival events are now fixed for next year and Scrappies is ready for Christmas. There are some new pictures on the Peel Wyke Gardening site, even though there's been no work!  I've also started a new blog for the owners of our shared boat, the Narrow Boat Longsdon.  It will be open for all the boat owners to post logs and photos, but I'm the only user so far.  We bought our share back in May (I think) but the boat went into the water in August and we had our maiden voyage (down the Oxford Canal) in early September, click here for photos.  The boat is part of the Ownerships scheme.  This is a long running scheme where multiple people buy shares in a boat and the boat is looked after by a central organization.  It's not a time share as such.  You don't get the same weeks on the boat each year, but there's a rota where each owner's choosing priority changes each year.  So some years you get to choose your weeks early, and other years you're further down the list.  Joy and John have bought a share in the same boat.

Longsdon is 58ft long and only 7ft wide.  It has a rear galley and is steered from the outside at the back of the boat.  Many of our friends from overseas aren't familiar with the UK Canal system, but it's a large network of canals which were used commercially up till the 1950s and which are now maintained mostly for tourism.  Boaters run and steer their own boats and manipulate the locks by themselves, also.  For a plan of the boat, click here then click on the link for a plan.  For a series of interactive panoramic shots of the inside and outside of the narrow boat Torksey click here.  Longsdon is very similar except for slightly different patterns and fabrics in the upholstery and curtains.

Well, it's Sunday night - that means its time for a nice roast dinner (duck tonight - yum) and an evening in front of the fire and the telly!  Gotta go and get the table ready.