Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodbye Lovely Beech Tree

Yesterday, they felled Pam's lovely beech tree.  It had to come down because it was suffering from a meripilus infection.  This is a fungus that eats the roots of mature beech trees.  They become unstable and can blow down.  The fruiting bodies appear around the buttress roots.  The crown remains healthy looking but the tree is unstable.

The tree was located beside our driveway, and the only safe way to take it down was to bring a crane down the drive and drop the branches down onto the drive.  The work was done by Wood Matters.  We were very impressed by their friendliness, thoughtfulness, efficiency and courtesy. 

While they were working we were blocked from going up and down the driveway.  The crane was situated right across and the only way out was to crawl through the hedge into Steve's garden, walk down his drive and past his house and then go up or down Limes Walk!

Here are photos taken as the tree came down.  You can see larger versions of the pictures if you click on them.
The crane arrives at 7 am.

Ropes are tied around the tree

The crane is extended

A climber attaches the crane to a limb

The limb is sawn off with a chainsaw

The crane takes the weight of the limb

Removing the first limb

On the driveway they saw up the limbs as they are lowered

The crane

Sawing the limbs

The bare trunk from Steve's drive

The bare trunk from Longhills Road

A view from above

Bringing out part of the trunk

Taking the trunk away

Goodbye tree

Looking down the drive at the work in progress

Crawling through the hedge to get to our house!

Boy's Toys!

The crane driver 

Loading limbs onto the trailer

Our new skyline

Cleaning up the debris